Als F8340101 Solenoid Sgl Mag-Latc Quick

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Solenoid Magnetic Latch

Equipment for which the Spare Parts are used:

SCL060GN2, SCL060GNF, SCL125KNV, SCL020GN2, SCL020GNF, SCL030GN2, SCL030GNF, SCL040GN2, SCL040GNF, UCL020GN2/GNF, UCL030GN2/GNF, UCL040GN2/GNF, UCL060GN2/GNF, UCL125HNV, UCL125KNV, UWL045K1L, UWL045K1M, UWL045K2L, UWL045K2M, UWL045T3V, UWL045T4V, UWL065K1L, UWL065K1M, UWL065K2L, UWL065K2M, UWL065T3V, UWL065T4V, UWL085K1M, UWL085K2M, UWL085T3V, UWL085T4V, UWL105K1M, UWL105K2M, UWL105T3V, UWL105T4V, UWL130K1M, UWL130K2M, UWL130T3V, UWL130T4V, UWL160T3V, UWL160T4V


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