Als 56156 Nut 3/8-16 Serrated

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Serrated Nut 3/8-16

Equipment for which the Spare Parts are used:

FDE3TRGS301NW10, FDE3TRGS401NW22, FDEE5BGS303UW01, FDEE7RGS303UW01, FTEE5ASP303NW10, LDE3TRGS171CW01, LEN27A*G3018, LES17A*F3000, LES37A*F3000, LTEE5ASP303WW01, ND3LLFGS401NW22, NDE807*F3022, NDE807*G3018, NT025E/L/N/S, NT030E/L/N/S, NT035E/L/N/S, NT050E/L/N/S, NT075E/L/N/S, NT3JLASP403NW22, SDE807*F3000, SDE907*F3000, ST025E/L/N/S, ST030E/L/N/S, ST035E/L/N/S, ST050E/L/N/S, ST075E/L/N/S, STEBXASP303NW22, UT025E/L/N/S, UT030E/L/N/S, UT035E/L/N/S, UT050E/L/N/S, UT075E/L/N/


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